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Board of Directors

2014-2015 Board of Directors        Click here for 2015 Board Nominations




Virginia Byers Kraus, MD, PhD
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC


John Loughlin, PhD
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Secretary General



Francisco J Blanco, MD, PhD
INIBIC-Hospital Universitario A Coruña
A. Coruña, Spain


Francois Rannou, MD, PhD
Hospital Cochin
Paris, France

Past President


Linda Sandell, PhD
Washington University
School of Medicine
St Louis, MO


Members At Large

Kim Bennell, PhD, PT
University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia


Frank Beier, PhD
University of Western Ontario
London, ON N6A 5C1 CANADA

Amanda J. Fosang, PhD
University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia


Victor M. Goldberg, MD
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH

Martin Englund, MD, PhD
Lund University
Lund, Sweden


Gillian Hawker, MD, MSc
Women's College Hospital
Toronto, Canada

Rolando Espinosa Morales, MD, MSc
Instituto Nacional De Rehabilitacion
Mexico City, Mexico


Jeffrey N. Katz, MD, MS
Brigham & Women's Hospital
Boston, MA

Stephen P. Messier, PhD
Wake Forest University
Winston Salem, NC


Jianhao Lin, MD
Peking University
Beijing, China

Ingrid Meulenbelt, PhD
Leiden, Netherlands


Timothy E. McAlindon, MD, MPH
Tufts-New England Medical Center
Boston, MA

Ali Mobasheri, BSc, ARCS, MSc, DPhil
University of Surrey
Surrey, UK


Wim B. van den Berg, PhD
Radbound University
Nijmegen, Netherlands



Stefan Lohmander, MD, PhD
Lund University
Lund, Sweden


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