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To advise the Board of Directors about potential conflicts of interest for those serving on the Board, committees, and initiatives.

Martin Englund, Chair
Andre Struglics
Francisco Blanco
Magali Cucchiarini
Sarah Snelling
Virginia Byers Kraus

Research and Training

To develop and oversee the OARSI scholarship program and identify programming to enhance education in the field.

Chris Little, Chair
Peter van der Kraan
Tonia Vincent
Stephen Messier
Changhai Ding
Chunyi Wen
Rachel Miller
Jos Runhaar

Young Investigator

To increase student and young investigator interest and participation in OARSI in order to foster new and strengthen existing research efforts, collaborations and mentorship opportunities in both clinical and basic science studies of osteoarthritis.

Kyle Allen, Chair
Ida Haugen
Blandine Poulet
Kerry Costello
Jeroen Guerts
Katherin Boyer
Natalie Collins


To plan, organize, direct and evaluate OARSI communication vehicles including the Editorial Office of Osteoarthritis and Cartilage (OAC) and undertake special publications such as the Primer and supplements.

Jeff Katz, Chair
Martin Lotz
Stefan Lohmander
Annemarie Malfait
Rolando Espinosa
Francois Rannou
Esmeralda Blaney Davidson
Joel Block


To improve OARSI visibility through communication vehicles including the website, newsletter and social media.

Sharon Kolasinski, Chair
Nicole Walsh
Kathryn Stok
Mary Murphy
Richard Barrett-Jolley
Frank Luyten
Krysia Dziedzic
Jonathan Samuels
Kerry Costello

Strategic Alliance

To identify societies, foundations, groups and industry partners that have an interest in osteoarthritis research and establish mutually beneficial interactions.

Ali Mobasheri, Chair
Gillian Hawker
Francis Berenbaum
Linda Sandell
Henning Madry
Marius Hennriksen
Wim van den Berg
Kim Bennell
Mary Murphy
Morten Karsdal
Christophe Ladel
Rolando Espinosa

Fiscal Committee

To recommend ways to maintain OARSI’s fiscal health through programming, fundraising or other mechanisms.

Steve Messier, Chair
Jeffrey Katz
Francois Rannou
Jianaho Lin
Tuhina Neogi
Ali Mobasheri
Valorie Thompsom

Program Committee 2016

Responsible for planning the Annual World Congress on Osteoarthritis.

Michael Nevitt, Chair
Tonia Vincent, Abstract Chair
Jeff Katz
Ida Haugen
Frank Beier
Karl Rudolphi
Jeffrey Duryea
Tuhina Neogi
Sharmila Majumdar
Eeva Moilanen
Flavia Ciccutini
Peter van der Kraan
Francesco Dell Accio
Chris Little
Jianhao Lin
Antonio Gonzalez
Carla Scanzello
Marius Henriksen
Jerome Guicheux

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