2020 OARSI Scholarship Now Accepting Applications

OARSI is now accepting applications for the scholarship program. The Scholarships are offered to early career researchers, and for 2020, two scholarships supported by the Beijing Joint Care Foundation are designated for those in countries along the Belt and Road.

Become a Host: If you are interested in hosting a scholarship winner, please click here to complete the host application. 

Clinical Research And Basic Science Awards Now Open

The Basic Science and Clinical Research awards are now open. The purpose of these awards is to recognize and promote the advancement in the field of osteoarthritis. Research domains for the Clinical Research award include, but are not limited to, epidemiology and health-services research, clinical outcomes, translational research, and therapeutics, encompassing all phases of research. The Basic Science Research  Award targets include all areas of basic science with relevance to osteoarthritis.The research for both awards should have been conducted within the last five years. 

Visit the awards page to learn more and view past award recipients. 

OARSI 2020 Discussion Groups Now Forming

Building on the success of the inaugural Discussion Groups in 2019, OARSI is pleased to announce the continuation of Discussions Groups for 2020.
The goal of the Discussion Groups is to bring together clinicians, scientists and other health professionals who share a common interest in specific areas of osteoarthritis research, to network and discuss cutting-edge science, opportunities, and successes.

Applications are now being accepted for 2020 Discussion Groups.  Deadline to submit an application is October 29, 2019.

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