Clinical Trials Symposium

The OARSI Clinical Trials Symposium is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20th at 9 am EDT. This symposium is envisioned as a debate continuing the discussions held with OARSI, the FDA, and the Arthritis Foundation (AF) in June of 2021. The debate “How can we design clinical trials for regulatory approval in OA” will feature OARSI members and individuals from the FDA. More information and registration to follow.

OARSI Weekly Briefing

Published every Friday, the OARSI Weekly Briefing the single resource you need to stay up to date with OARSI & World Congress news, membership announcements, and happenings within the OARSI & OA community.

August 27, 2021 - Current Briefing

  • Board of Directors Call for Nominations
  • Member Spotlight: David Hunter 
  • International Foot and Ankle OA Consortium Discussion Group
  • and more!


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