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OARSI LIVE Webinar Series

OARSI LIVE Webinar Series

Hello from OARSI Headquarters!

We are preparing for a wonderful year ahead with the first five OARSI LIVE webinars being announced below!  

Please note: we are still working to finalize some speakers, so please be aware that there may be some changes to the schedule below.


March 3rd @ 9:00 AM Eastern

Session Title: Osteoarthritis Genetics and Epigenetics

Session Description: In this OARSI Live session, we will hear from a range of investigators at the forefront of genetic and epigenetic research in osteoarthritis. Join us to hear how this knowledge can help us to elucidate the risk, progression, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Moderators: Sarah Rice, PhD, Newcastle University; Cindy Boer, MSc, Erasmus Medical Center


Purva Singh, PhD, Hospital for Special Surgery

Yulia Kehayova, Newcastle University

Terence Capellini, PhD, Harvard University

S. Amanda Ali, PhD,  Henry Ford Health System

April Hartley, University of Bristol

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March 10th @ 9:00 AM Eastern

Session Title: Hip and Knee OA: Diagnostic Considerations and Comorbidities

Session Description: This session will examine diagnostic aspects of knee OA and the role of comorbidities in hip and knee OA outcomes

Moderators: Gillian Hawker, MD, MSc, University of Toronto


Jos Runhaar, PhD, Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam

Philippa Nicolson, University of Oxford

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March 17th @ 9:00 AM Eastern

Session Title: Imaging of osteoarthritis: CT and MRI

Session Description: In this second OARSI Live Hour on Imaging for Spring 2021, we will learn more about imaging and the prevalence of intra-articular mineralizations in osteoarthritis. We will also hear the recent findings on diagnostic performance of region- and layer-specific analysis of T2 relaxation of articular cartilage from MRI.

Moderators: Simo Saarakkala, PhD, University of Oulu, Frank Roemer, PhD, University Hospital Erlangen


Mohamed Jarraya, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Wolfgang Werth, Chondrometrics

Neil Thomas, University of Liverpool

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March 24th @ 9:00 AM Eastern

Session Title: Collagen biomarkers in osteoarthritis

Session Description: Factors influencing collagen biomarkers in urine and what this means for their use in osteoarthritis

Moderators: Gerjo Van Osch, Erasmus MC; Cristina Ruiz-Romero, PhD, Grupo de Investigación de Reumatología


Jonathan Bjerre-Bastos, MD, University of Copenhagen

Liisa Kuhi, University of Tartu

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March 31st @ 9:00 AM Eastern

Session Title: Introduction to Grant Writing

Session Description: Additional Information Coming Soon

Moderators: Additional Information Coming Soon

Speakers: Additional Information Coming Soon

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April 7th @ 9:00 AM Eastern

Session Title: The mechanobiology path towards joint health

Session Description: This session features top abstracts on mechanobiology in osteoarthritis across the spectrum from subcellular to organ-level dimensions

Moderators: Barbara Chan, The University of Hong Kong; Rik Lories, MD, PhD, KU Leuven


Michelle Teunissen, MSc, Utrecht University

Holly Philpott, MSc

Hayat Muhammad, PhD, University of Oxford

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April 14th @ 9:00 AM Eastern

Session Title: Cell and Gene Therapy - Regenerative Medicine

Session Description: Articular cartilage has a limited capacity for self-regeneration after injury. Repair of lesions of the articular cartilage is, therefore, a major clinical challenge. In several preclinical and clinical studies, chondrocytes and/or stem cells, delivered in suspension or seeded into biomaterials, have been shown to repair cartilage defects. In this webinar, we will learn about novel translational stem cell-mediated approaches currently under investigation for the repair of articular cartilage and the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Moderators: Cosimo De Bari, MD, PhD, FRCP, University of Aberdeen; Yolande F. M. Ramos, Leiden University Medical Center


Rocío Castro-Viñuelas, PhD, Human Movement Biomechanics (HMB)
Denis Evseenko, MD, PhD, University of Southern California
Barbara Chan, The University of Hong Kong;

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Session Title: The Art and Science of Sample Size Estimation: Basic Science and Clinical Considerations

Session Description: Whether you are conducting animal research or plan a large Phase 3 randomized controlled trials, one of the key parts of planning, conducting and reporting research – is sample size! In this session, Statistical Editors of Osteoarthritis and Cartilage will offer their insights into ‘do’s and dont’s’ of sample size estimation for clinical and basic science research, discuss major pitfalls of sample size estimation, describe journal requirements regarding sample size justification and offer a few key practical lessons of how to ‘do it right’.

Moderator: Elena Losina, PhD Brigham & Women's Hospital 


Jamie E Collins, PhD Brigham & Women's Hospital

Aleksandra Turkiewicz, PhD ​Lund University

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Session Title: Succeeding in Scientific Publishing: what are our editors looking for?

Session Description: Have you ever wondered why that paper got published and you are struggling to get your manuscript accepted? Wonder no more. The editors of Osteoarthritis and Cartilage and Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Open are going to tell you what constitutes a good manuscript. This will be followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers, so come prepared to ask all those questions you have always wished you could ask a journal editor.

Moderator: Frank Beier, PhD, University of Western Ontario


Joel A Block, MD, Rush University, Editor-in-Chief Osteoarthritis & Cartilage

Henning Madry, MD, Saarland University, Editor-in-Chief Osteoarthritis & Cartilage Open

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Session Title: New insights into the epidemiology of OA

Session Description: In this session, three OA researchers will present their abstracts on the epidemiology and clinical aspects of OA. They will provide insights into risk factors of OA and the impact of the disease. 


Ida Haugen, PhD, Diakonhjemmet Hospital

Martin Englund, PhD, Lund University


Martin Thomas, PhD, Keele University

Karin Magnusson, PhD, Lund University

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Session Title: Advancing our understanding of osteoarthritis through observational clinical studies

Session Description: In this session, we will hear from talented OA clinical researchers who have used longitudinal clinical data to examine the relationships between walking, obesity and pain mechanisms and OA structure and symptoms.

Moderator: Gillian Hawker, PhD, University of Toronto


Tuhina Neogi, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Boston University

Elizabeth Badley, PhD, University of Toronto

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Session Title: Imaging

Session Description: Imaging is the hallmark of osteoarthritis diagnostics and follow-up after interventions. In this OARSI Live Hour, we will hear three highly interesting presentations focusing on compositional and structural osteoarthritic changes in joint tissues - evaluated by MRI - and their association with longitudinal outcomes.

Moderators: Simo Saarakkala, PhD, University of Oulu, Frank Roemer, PhD, University Hospital Erlangen


Mike Bowes, PhD, imorphics

Frank Roemer, PhD, University Hospital Erlangen

Jeffrey Driban, PhD, Tufts University

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Session Title: Walk this way: Insights into knee osteoarthritis from gait mechanics

Session Description: Knee osteoarthritis is a biomechanically driven disease. In this edition of the OARSI Live Hour, we will learn about changes in gait mechanics after high-tibial osteotomy, advance our understanding of the role of gait mechanics in disease progression, and discuss how people with knee OA respond to perturbations during walking.

Moderators: Deepak Kumar, PT, PhD, OCS, Boston University, Katherine Boyer, PhD University of Massachusetts Amherst 


Rebecca Moyer, PT, PhD, Dalhousie University

Cheryl Kozey, PhD, Dalhousie University

Patrick Corrigan, PhD, DPT, Northeastern University

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Session Title: Fat metabolism and OA

Session Description: Obesity and metabolic syndrome are now accepted risk factors for osteoarthritis. Although weight increases the mechanical burden on joints, it is becoming clearer that fat tissues are strongly implicated in OA. In this session, three short talks will discuss recent studies describing mechanisms by which fat metabolism can promote OA development. 

Moderators: Blandine Poulet, PhD, University of Liverpool 


Mohammad Ansari, PhD, NEOMED

Raghunatha Yammani, PhD, Wake Forest University

Yvonne van Gemert, Radboud Institute for Molecular life Science

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Session Title: Outcomes of rehabilitation in osteoarthritis

Session Description: Outcome measures for management programs in osteoarthritis rehabilitation will facilitate better comparison between programs in clinical settings and patient populations, and will improve researchers' ability to better evaluate their effects. These outcomes could cover different facets of the patient's symptoms and risk factors, such as pain, stiffness, physical inactivity. Intervention strategies should include a range of intervention strategies, such as patient education, physical activity, exercise, weight loss, and assistive devices. This session will focus on outcomes of management programs in osteoarthritis rehabilitation, including self-management, patient education, and exercise therapy.

Moderators: Jos Runhaar, PhD, Erasmus MC University Medical Center Rotterdam; Martin Van Der Esch, PhD, Reade Centre for Rehabilitation and Rheumatology


Linda Baumbach, University of Southern Denmark

Håkan Nero, PhD, Lund University

Ewa Roos, PT, PhD, University of Southern Denmark

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Session Title: Assessing outcomes after osteoarthritis pharmacological and surgical interventions

Session Description: Attendees will be able to consider study designs and specific issues concerning outcome measures applied in recent clinical trials with a range of interventions including zoledronic acid, high tibial osteotomy and knee joint replacement for knee OA.

Moderators: Martin Lotz, MD, The Scripps Research Institute


Dawn Aitken, PhD, Menzies Institute for Medical Research

Codie Primeau, MSc, Western University

Lauren King, University of Toronto

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