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OARSI Infographics

Injury Prevention in Sport, Exercise, and/or Physical Activity Infographic

Congratulations to Brooke Patterson, for her winning infographic "Reducing joint injuries in female football.” The infographic submissions focused on injury prevention in sport, exercise, and/or physical activity. The competition was opened to all Early Career Investigators.



Policymakers Infographic

Congratulations to Vicky Duong, Bridget Graham, and Belinda Lawford for their winning infographic for policymakers entitled "Improving Care for Osteoarthritis: The Forgotten Chronic Disease".

In collaboration with the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance, OARSI hosted an infographic competition aimed at policymakers. Policymakers play a critical role in 1) crafting and enacting rules, laws, and regulations; 2) delivering guidance documents; and 3) directing public investment in research and healthcare to positively affect the lives of people with OA. The infographic's purpose is to convince policymakers that investments in OA research and healthcare improve quality of life and increase productivity. Visit the OARSI website to view the infographic. 



OA as a Serious Disease Infographic

OARSI wishes to thank OARSI members  Hiral Master, Louise Thoma, and Linda Truong for their outstanding work to produce the OARSI infographic on OA as a Serious Disease based on the OARSI White Paper.  A slide deck is now available as well as two versions of the infographic that can be printed. Please feel free to use the slides in your talks and share/print the infographic.


Infographic - clinic version

Infographic slide deck


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