Ambassador Program

National Ambassador Program

As part of the National Ambassador program, the Strategic Alliances Committee is seeking volunteers to serve in this role.

The purpose of the National Ambassador Program is to promote the presence and membership of OARSI in each country.

Responsibilities of a National Ambassador include:

1.    Promote OARSI programs and activities (including attendance at the World Congress and online activities) that advance the Society’s mission to foster worldwide research, education and dissemination of new knowledge relating to osteoarthritis. 

2.    Facilitate/enable local and national meetings within the structure of your country to foster networking opportunities, to enhance communication and collaboration with others working in all disciplines related to osteoarthritis research, its prevention and treatment, and to encourage engagement with OARSI.

3.    Increase OARSI membership and osteoarthritis research participation from historically under-represented countries and regions.

4.    Act as a liaison for that country to the OARSI Board of Directors and Leadership where necessary.

Characteristics of a National Ambassador include:

Ambassadors need good communication and networking skills and a willingness to build a community that bridges across disciplines, with a central focus on osteoarthritis. Interest and ability to organize local programs in country. (This may include requesting sponsorship or endorsement from OARSI, which may be led by the Ambassador or their networks.

Ambassadors will be able to demonstrate relevant experience/skills in the following areas:

  • Scientific or clinical expertise/interest in osteoarthritis
  • Demonstration of motivation and capacity to carry out the role
  • Evidence of current engagement, membership or contribution to one or more relevant local networks* in your country.

*Networks that are desirable for an OARSI National Ambassador may include links to relevant osteoarthritis research organizations, healthcare professional organizations, scientific institutions/societies, universities (especially with higher degree by research students), consumer organizations, third sector organizations, government agencies or funding agencies with an interest in osteoarthritis research etc.

Ambassadors are required to:

  •  have been a member of OARSI for at least 3 years before taking on the role, including having attended at least one OARSI World Congress.
  • be an OARSI member for the duration of the tenure (and commit to attending the World Congress annually during their tenure)

While ambassadors are encouraged to support regional efforts independently, ambassadors from regions with less representation within OARSI can, if they wish, be paired with senior OARSI members from other countries for guidance or assistance.

The Ambassador role may be carried out by someone at early career stage who has motivation for the role, but in this case OARSI would encourage input from a second more senior mentor either within or outside that country or a ‘two-person team.’

Interested in becoming an OARSI National Ambassador?

Please complete and submit the form found at this link to be considered for a National Ambassador position.

In preparation for completing the form, please have the following information available:

  • OARSI member id and password
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) – ideally 4 pages or less
  • Short (500-word max) personal statement explaining why you wish to serve as an ambassador, including your relevant experience/networks and what contributions you would make.

How will National Ambassadors be chosen?

Ambassadors will be appointed following review of the candidate’s application by the OARSI Strategic Alliance Committee, and approval by the Board.

Applications will be reviewed by the Committee two times per year, in February and August.

The Committee will consider a number of factors in appointments including:

  • The fit of the person to the role, considering the characteristics listed above.
  •  Whether the person is from an under-represented country* (which may include countries that are considered under-represented either in terms of their relative population and activity in osteoarthritis research, as well as the absolute numbers of people from that country currently attending OARSI World Congress meetings).
  • Ensuring and maximizing all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusivity in Ambassadors appointed to the program.
  • Appointments will be for one 3-year term with the opportunity to renew once for another term. Terms will be staggered to provide some overlap and opportunity for peer-to-peer training/mentoring within the program.
  • Once appointed, the person will be able to refer to themselves as ‘OARSI National Ambassador, Country.’
  • While there is no funding provided by OARSI for this role, the society may consider some financial contribution to attendance of the Ambassador where hardship can be demonstrated, reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

 *Initially when appointing to the program, the Committee will favor appointments from under-represented countries over countries with a traditionally strong member presence.