Nominations - Policies and Procedures


OARSI Seeks Candidates for Board Positions
OARSI is now accepting applications for the Board of Directors for a 4-year term beginning in April 2025. The Board requires high caliber members whose backgrounds, skills and experience match the OARSI mission and its current and future needs. Service on the OARSI board demands a considerable commitment of time and talent to advance the goals and objectives of the organization.

The Nominating Committee will review all applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee seeks to maintain gender, geographical and specialty balance. All OARSI members, except those employed by industry and non-industry partners, are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. 

If you are interested in applying for a board position, please complete the short application form. Once we receive it, you will be sent a user name and password in order to complete an online disclosure. Deadline for receipt is August 30, 2024.


  • OARSI Membership
  • Cover Letter
  • Short CV (no more than 5 pages)
  • Letter of recommendation (limit one letter)

Once you click the link below you will be asked to register.  A password will then be sent to you which will allow you to log in to complete the application. Click here to begin the application.

Nominations, Elections and Voting Processes for the OARSI Board of Directors

Policies and Procedures

Nominating Committee Function Description

The Nominating Committee has a profound impact on the quality of governance and the general effectiveness of OARSI through its charge to recommend individuals for board positions to the board of directors for approval.  As OARSI continues to evolve and grow, the board will require high caliber board members whose backgrounds, skills and experience match OARSI’s mission and its current and future needs.  Service on the OARSI board increasingly demands a considerable commitment of time and talent to advance the goals and objectives of the organization.

The nominating committee’s charge is to identify research, cultivate, and recruit strong new board members.  According to the OARSI bylaws, the chair of the nominating committee is the immediate past president. The nominating committee is appointed annually by the Board and shall consist of one other elected officer, at least two other board members and at least two regular members of the society who are not board members.  The regular members of the nominating committee shall not be eligible to be nominated to the Board while serving on the nominating committee.  The nominating committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Assess the current composition of the board and begin to identify potential board members.  Identify strengths and gaps in the board (both current and future). 
  • Assemble a confidential, cumulative list of prospective board members from nominations received by the membership, the board, committees and nominating committee members. 
  • Hold a teleconference meeting for the purposes of reviewing all nominations and compiling a slate for presentation to the board. 
  • Present the slate of nominees to the board for approval.

Nominating Committee Procedures for BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Nomination Process:

A call for board nominations will be issued as follows:

  • To the general membership in email blast messages.  The board nomination form will be posted on the OARSI website.
  • To the board through the OARSI Executive Director.
  • Deadlines will be set for the receipt of nominations in the national office via email or mail. 
  • Candidates can self nominate or be nominated by someone else.
  • Staff will review each nomination for completeness.  If the nomination packet is incomplete, staff will notify the nominator. Nomination packets that are not completed by the deadline will be returned to the nominator. 
  • Staff will send nominee disclosure forms to the Ethics Committee for review.
  • After the Ethics Committee review, a comprehensive list of nominees will be sent to the nominating committee
  • Nominating Committee puts forward 2 names per open position for the board vote and ratification by membership at the annual meeting.

Eligibility to serve on the Board of Directors

  • Must be an OARSI member in good standing (membership must be current)
  • If person has previously served on the board, he/she can reapply after being off the board for one term (4 years for Board, 2 years for Executive).

Executive Committee- Officers

Eligibility for Executive Positions

  • Current board members or those who have been on the board within the last two years may apply for an Executive Officer position
  • Person may apply for multiple Executive Officer positions but must complete a separate application for each position.
  • Secretary and Treasurer have the option of running for a second two-year term
  • No Executive member is allowed to re-apply for a previously held position (except Secretary and Treasurer for second term)
  • Current Secretary and Treasurer may only apply for President Elect.

Application Process

  • Current Executive Committee will develop an application for the Executive Officer positions
  • Candidates must submit an “intent to apply” letter two weeks prior to the application deadline which will include name and position applying for.  This list will be sent to the Board of Directors two weeks before the application deadline.
  • If there are no candidates for Executive Officer position at the deadline, the board may reach out to current board members to encourage applications.

Voting Process

  • Remote Voting -  The board will vote remotely prior to the board meeting-  A process will be developed for this to occur- either by email, survey monkey or another method.
  • The President-Elect and Past President will oversee and ratify the election.
  • Positions to be voted on in the following order: President Elect, Treasurer, Secretary.
  • Even if there is only one candidate for the position, a yes/no vote is required. Applicant must receive a majority of the votes cast.
  • No abstentions or write ins will be accepted.
  • Candidate may not vote for the position for which he/she is running.
  • Successful candidate must receive a majority of votes cast.
  • If more than 2 people are running and there is a tie, the person with the least number of votes drops off and a revote is held.  If there are two applicants and there is tie, the President’s cast vote breaks the tie.  The President’s ballot will be so marked during the election process

Approved by the OARSI Board of Directors, May 1, 2019