Social Media Guidelines

Approved by the Board of Directors 3.31.16

OARSI Social Media Guidelines
OARSI recognizes the critical influence social media plays globally as well as within our industry. This platform is an excellent way to engage and communicate with colleagues, industry, media, and potential OARSI members. Social media, utilized well, can be a very successful and positive tool to enhance OARSI’s visibility.

OARSI provides the following social media guidelines for these global conversations to help establish ‘best practices’ and a consistent, professional image. These social media guidelines will not only serve members in communicating about OARSI issues, but in participating in social media activities in general.

The Society will establish or assume control of existing groups on the following platforms / websites:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Social Media Guidelines for OARSI Members:

  1. Be Factual. Social media comments must clearly distinguish fact from opinion. Unless authorized by OARSI participants in OARSI-sponsored social media and elsewhere should make clear that any subjective comments are personal opinions based on their own individual experiences by stating “In my experience” or “In my opinion” which could be represented by the hashtags “#IME” or “#IMO”, respectively. Deliver verifiable information when responding or posting online. Refrain from gossip or hear-say.
  2. Be Accurate. Check spelling of names, specifics of dates and places/venues, and cite the source of statistics when possible to maintain credibility. Our words reflect our competence and professionalism so be sure about your facts before posting.
  3. Be Ethical. Follow OARSI’s Code of Ethics whenever posting or replying. Be aware of and follow copyright laws, don't reveal any confidential information and don't spam or self-promote.
  4. Be Concise. Social media has character limits as well as a limited attention span from readers, so be brief and concise.
  5. Be Honest. Give forthright, truthful commentary. If you do not know the answer to a question, seek clarification.
  6. Be Respectful and Sensitive. When posting, use only neutral or positive, broadcast-acceptable language. Online, tone and language are easily misinterpreted.  There is no ‘erase’ button in the context of social media. OARSI reserves the right to moderate content.
  7. Be Grammatically Correct where possible. Spelling and grammar reflect professionalism. When uncertain, seek out references or edit your draft within your word-processing program for grammar and spelling check before you post it publicly
  8. Images/Photographs/Videos: Only post if you own the rights to the images unless you link back to the original source.
  9. Be Strategic. Every social media post may be accessible in perpetuity not only by our intended recipients, but by prospective and current members, patients and members of the media. Our words may be copied and repeated, combined and relocated in manners we might not have expected. As almost all content on the Web is indexed and searchable, this means that our words must stand on their own, without benefit of context or supporting or auxiliary commentary.

Use of the Society’s name and logo
The Society will defend the use of its name and logo as copyright protected property of the Society. Any group wishing to use the Society’s name and or logo must get written permission from the society.

Please see the OARSI website for information on OARSI endorsement.