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Board of Directors




2018-2019 Board of Directors




Jeffrey Katz, MD, MS

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Boston, MA


Ali Mobasheri, DPhil(Oxon)

State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine
Vilnius, Lithuania





Kim Bennell, PhD,PT

University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia


Martin Englund, MD, PhD

Lund University
Lund, Sweden

Past President

John Loughlin, PhD
Newcastle University Center
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


Members At Large

Aileen Davis, PhD
Krembil Research Instititute
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Changhai Ding, MD

Southern Medical University
Guangzhou, China

Jerome Guicheux, PhD
Regenerative Medicine and Skeleton Lab
Nantes, France


Gunil Im, MD, PhD
Dongguk University
Goyang, Korea


Muneaki Ishijima, MD, PhD
Juntendo University
Tokyo, Japan


Rita Kandel, MD
Mt. Sinai Hospital
Toronto, Canada​

Margreet Kloppenburg, MD, PhD
Leiden University Medical Center
Leiden, Netherlands


Christopher Little, PhD
Hospital Kolling Institute 
St. Leonards, Australia

Anne Marie Malfait, MD, PhD
Rush University Medical School 
Chicago, IL


Eeva Moilanen, MD

University of Tampere Med Center
Tampere, Finland

Tuhina Neogi, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Boston University School of Medicine
Boston, MA


Michael Nevitt, PhD, MPH
University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA

Peter van der Kraan, PhD

Radboud University
Nijmegen, Netherlands


Tonia Vincent, MD, PhD

Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology
Oxford, UK

                                                    Editor- in-Chief                 

Joel Block, MD
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL

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