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Endorsement/Sponsorship/Initiative Request





A summary of policies related to requests for OARSI endorsement and sponsorship of various meetings, initiatives and guidelines are below




Request for OARSI endorsement or
sponsorship for initiatives or meetings/ symposia 


Endorsement-does not require monetary support from OARSI.  Request must be received prior to the program dates.  OARSI logo to appear on the meeting or initiative materials.

Sponsorship- request for funding from OARSI and must be received prior to the start of the program. At least one speaker must be a current OARSI member

Request an OARSI endorsement or sponsorship
Request for an OARSI initiative or guideline This applies to request from individuals or societies for OARSI to develop an initiative or guideline.  An OARSI member must be the Principal Investigator on an OARSI initiative. An OARSI Board member will be appointed as a liaison to the initiative. Request for an OARSI initiative or guideline
Endorsement of Industry initiative or meeting OARSI will not endorse industry initiatives (e.g. white papers, product specific promotions, outcomes development etc.) but may endorse industry meetings/educational activities, such as symposia, workshops and courses when they fall within the mission of OARSI.

Request an OARSI endorsement or sponsorship



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