Ali Mobasheri

Ali Mobasheri is Professor of Musculoskeletal Physiology and Associate Dean for Research and Enterprise in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Surrey, UK. His main area of research is cartilage biology and osteoarthritis (OA) biomarkers. He currently co-ordinates the EU FP7 D-BOARD consortium funded by a 5.9 million Euro grant from the European Commission, which brings together leading European academic institutions and SMEs to focus on the identification, validation and qualification of new biomarkers for degenerative and inflammatory diseases of joints. He is also a participating member of the recently launched Applied Public-Private Research enabling OsteoArthritis Clinical Headway (APPROACH) consortium, which received a 7.5 million Euro grant from the European Commission’s Innovative Medicines Initiative. The overall objective of APPROACH is to phenotype OA patients in order to find the right patient for the right treatment. Ali’s track record of professional achievement is backed up by 180 primary peer-reviewed publications.