Year in Review: Biomarkers

Francisco Blanco
Congress Year

Year in Review: BIOMARKERS in OA

Francisco J Blanco, MD, PhD

Servicio de Reumatologia

INIBIC-Hospital Universitario A Coruña.

A Coruña. Spain.

OA diagnosis is mainly symptomatic, resting on the description of pain symptoms, stiffness of the affected joints, and radiography, which has been the reference technique to determine the grade of joint destruction. However, OA remains silent at its initial stages in most patients, and there is already an extensive deterioration of cartilage at the time of diagnosis.The most promising diagnostic approach would be the study of combinations of biomarkers. New multiplexed approaches have emerged in the recent years for the identification and verification of novel OA biomarkers, employing genomics, proteomics and metabolomics tools. In this review I will present the most relevant proteomic and metabolomics results published since April 2013 to April 2014 focused in the early and consolidated diagnosis of OA, in to predict how it will develop, or respond to therapy.


Biomarkers from Diann Stern on Vimeo.