OARSI Imaging Discussion Group Virtual Meeting

OARSI Imaging Discussion Group Virtual Meeting

June 22nd at 3 pm ET (US)

Topic: “What is new in quantitative OA imaging?”

The imaging discussion group will focus on new cutting-edge developments in the field of imaging of osteoarthritis. The discussion will be initiated through four 10-minute introductory rapid-fire talks on MRI compositional imaging, PET/MRI, weight-bearing CT, and photon counting spectral CT.


3:00 PM     Introduction; Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD, UCSF  

3:05  PM    MRI compositional imaging; Xiaojuan Li, PhD, Cleveland Clinics

3:15  PM    PET-MRI imaging; Feliks Kogan, PhD, Stanford University  

3:25  PM    Weight-bearing knee CT; Neil Segal, MD, MS, University of Kansas, Medical Center   

3:35  PM    Photon counting spectral computed tomography; Patrick Omoumi, MD, PhD, Lausanne University Hospital

3:45  PM    Discussion, all attendees and committee members  

4:25  PM    Summary and Closing remarks;  Thomas M. Link, MD, PhD, UCSF  

4:30  PM    Adjourn