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January 14, 2022 Briefing-at-a-Glance
2021 Highlights - Live Webinar Infographic | OARSI Live January 19 Webinar | World Congress Member Survey | Call for Committee VolunteersMember Spotlight: Margreet Kloppenburg | OARSI Rehab Discussion Group Paper | 2022 Membership Dues  | Become a Sponsor, Supporter, or Exhibitor | Important Dates | Weekly Briefing Archive

Infographic Illustrates Success of OARSI Live Webinar Series

While 2021 was an impactful year, to say the least, the Association Headquarters (AH) team is pleased to report a successful year for our partnership with OARSI. The infographic attached focuses on the impressive engagement through the OARSI Live webinar series and was developed as a way to outline OARSI success from the past year and to thank you for allowing AH to continue to serve as your management partner. We hope that this information highlights our partnership and opens doors for more advancements and initiatives in the future. Here’s to a prosperous 2022!


OARSI Live January 19 Webinar

 In this webinar, we will discuss a recently published genome-wide association study, “Deciphering osteoarthritis genetics across 826,690 individuals from 9 populations” (DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2021.07.038). The study represents the largest GWAS to date, identifying new genetic variants in both weight-bearing (knee, hip, and spine) and non-weight-bearing joints (hand, finger, and thumb). We will discuss methods, possible clinical implications, and future directions. Bring your questions and thoughts for an engaging discussion!

Learn more here.

World Congress Member Survey

While public health concerns and travel restrictions continue, the OARSI Board of Directors is seeking member input to determine participation at the OARSI World Congress scheduled in April in Berlin, Germany. Please take a few minutes to tell us about your current plans to participate in the  Congress and other in-person conferences by completing the short survey found at this link. 

Your response to this survey will assist us in planning OARSI activities.


Call for Committee Volunteers

OARSI is now accepting applications for new committee members with terms to begin after the 2022 World Congress in April. If you are interested in applying to serve on a committee, please complete the short application found at this link.

DEADLINE: January 31, 2022

OARSI’s success depends on the many volunteers who serve in leadership. Volunteering can provide professional growth and expand your network of OARSI friends and collaborators. Service to OARSI can provide leadership skills that will benefit you personally and professionally. Volunteering is also a way to give back to your field and support OARSI while meeting and working with new people.

OARSI is looking for volunteers for: 

  • OARSI Committees
  • Abstract Reviewers
  • Early Career Investigator Mentors
  • Translators
  • Language Editors
  • Tagging Slides
  • Website 
  • Podcasts 
  • Scholarship Hosts


Member Spotlight: Margreet Kloppenburg

This week's member spotlight is 2022 OARSI Board Member, Margreet Kloppenburg 

How long have you been a member of OARSI and why did you join? 

I became a member around 2000. At that time my department started working in the research field of osteoarthritis, and the OARSI was the place to hear about cutting-edge research in the OA field, and meet the experts in the field, as it is today.  

What do you enjoy most about OARSI? 

The enthusiastic in-depth discussions about research topics around all aspects of OA, especially during our annual meeting. Meeting with colleagues from all over the world, of which many have become friends over the years. I miss the in-person meetings, now in the Covid pandemic, a lot.  

Tell us a little bit about your research? 

Our research focuses on a better understanding of underlying systemic mechanisms of OA, especially inflammation, and improving measures to assess outcomes in OA (especially imaging), to be able to perform trials with targeted treatments and find new treatments for patients with OA. As a rheumatologist, I see many patients with OA in their hands at our outpatient clinic with considerable disease burden, and therefore hand OA is one of the main topics in our research.

What are you most excited about for OARSI in 2022? 

Our annual congress in Berlin; I am really looking forward to it.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

Hiking, reading, visiting a museum and finding antiques at auctions.


OARSI Rehabilitation Discussion Group Paper of the Year for Early Career Investigators

The OARSI Rehabilitation Discussion Group is pleased to announce that applications are open for their Paper of the Year Award for Early Career Investigators. The award seeks to recognize the outstanding achievements of Members of our Discussion Group who have aimed to improve the lives of people with osteoarthritis through scientific investigation of rehabilitation. Papers published during the 2021 calendar year are eligible. More details and application instructions can be found HERE.

DEADLINE: January 31, 2022

2022 Membership Dues

Thank you very much for your support of OARSI through your membership. It is now time to renew your dues for 2022. The World Congress on Osteoarthritis will be held on April 7-10, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. Watch for registration and program information coming soon. You may register and join OARSI at the same time when registration launches, but we encourage you to renew your dues NOW by CLICKING HERE.


2022 Sponsors & Exhibitors

2022 Industry Partners 

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Manager of Relations Manager
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Important Dates & Upcoming Deadlines

  • January 31, 2022 - OARSI Rehabilitation Discussion Group Paper of the Year for Early Career Investigators Application Deadline

  • January 31, 2022 - Call for Committee Volunteers Deadline
  • April 7 - 10, 2022 - OARSI World Congress in Berlin, Germany
  • Renew Membership Dues for 2022 - HERE

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