JEI - Implementation of OAMPs

This theme aims to facilitate the implementation of the best osteoarthritis care internationally and to reduce unwanted variation, by providing a clear path to implement the best osteoarthritis management programs, grounded in implementation science and evidence-based practice.

Who are we?

The implementation group of the JEI meets regularly every couple of months, with membership growing from countries around the world. 

What are our ambitions?

  • ​​To identify what has worked and what hasn’t
  • To highlight similarities and differences across countries and contexts
  • To identify lessons learned from implementation research and practice
  • To identify processes of implementation that determine success or failure

We work in collaboration with the Outcome Work Group and the Joint Effort Initiative more broadly. 

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Freely available resources: 

- The JEI Implementation group has collated high-quality, evidence-based virtual osteoarthritis management programs (OAMPS) and related healthcare professional online training resources. You can find these by clicking HERE (OAMPS - Keele University) 

- Listen to Prof. Krysia Dziedzic, Dr. Jonathan Quicke, Laura Campbell, and Dr. Laura Swaithes speak about the JEI repository on the HeyOA podcast #33. (

- Visit the Joint Action website, with podcasts by Prof David Hunter. The Joint Action site has information and links to different online programs to help consumers with their OA management, and podcasts with international OA experts on different OA topics. (