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We wish to thank the JEI Steering Committee, our consumer and professional partners, and our working group members for their support. 

JEI Steering Committee

Prof. David Hunter (Chair), University of Sydney, Australia
Prof. Krysia Dziedzic, Keele University, UK
Prof. Martin van der Esch, Reade University, Netherlands
Prof. Andrew Briggs, Curtin University, Australia
Prof. Kim Bennell, University of Melbourne, Australia
Prof. Rana Hinman, University of Melbourne, Australia
Prof. Kelli Allen, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, USA
Dr. Jocelyn Bowden, University of Sydney, Australia 
Dr. Jillian Eyles, University of Sydney, Australia
Dr. Jason Kim, Arthritis Foundation, USA
Dr. Josep Verges, OA Foundation International, Spain
Dr. Kathryn Mills, Macquarie University, Australia 
Dr. Lewis Chan, Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong
Dr. Jonathan Quicke, Keele University, UK 

Contact Us

For further details on the JEI please contact:

Jocelyn Bowden, or Jillian Eyles

Twitter: @lau_campbell / @KeeleIAU / @sydIBJR / @ProfDavidHunter / @BowdenJocelyn / @jillian_eyles / @oaactionallianc


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