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JEI - Who are we?

Who are we?

The International Osteoarthritis Management Programs ‘Joint Effort’ Initiative (JEI) was established by a group of international researchers, clinicians, and consumers who are committed to the development, dissemination, and implementation of osteoarthritis management programs (OAMPs). The group was officially endorsed by OARSI in 2018. Our work is guided by a Steering Committee and undertaken across three major themes.

Membership in 2021

Our mission

We seek to harmonize international efforts to implement best practice osteoarthritis care. Our mission is to investigate the best OAMP models to use, develop long-term strategies for effective implementation in different socioeconomic and cultural environments, and identify research priorities to facilitate best practice care internationally.




Priorities and Projects

Priorities for the work of the JEI were established in 2018 through an international survey and consensus study. Our projects and direction are guided by the results of this survey. JEI members are invited to participate in working groups or special projects undertaken by the Initiative. Our projects fall under three themes:

  1. Implementation of OAMPS
  2. Measuring Clinical Outcomes
  3. Education and Traning


Discussion Group Meetings

The JEI holds an annual Discussion Group meeting at the OARSI Conference. Click HERE to view the recording of the 2021 meeting. 




The Steering Committee

The JEI Steering Committee is made up of international researchers, clinicians, and consumer organizations across the world. Click HERE to see the steering committee members.


JEI Membership

Membership to the broader Joint Effort Initiative is open to any researchers, clinicians, industry, or consumer group representatives with an interest in the implementation of OAMPs. Members can volunteer to be involved in any of the working groups. For further details, please contact Jocelyn Bowden or Jillian Eyles




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