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JEI - What is an OAMP?

Osteoarthritis management programs (OAMP) aim to deliver coordinated, evidence-based care for people with OA. An OAMP is a model of evidence-based, non-surgical OA care that has been implemented in a real-world setting and comprises the following four components:


1.  personalized OA care - (tailored to the individual needs of the patient

2.  provided as a package of care with longitudinal reassessment and progression

3.  two or more components of the core physical, behavioral, and lifestyle interventions (education, exercise, and weight management)

4.  optional evidence-based adjunctive treatments as required (e.g. assistive devices, psychosocial support). 

Eyles et al, 2019 Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 27(9)

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