Why am I not receiving my journal

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There are two reasons why you may not be receiving your journal.

1. When joining or renewing your dues, you must select the paper journal. If no selection is made, the system automatically defaults to online journal only. To update your record, your name has to be added to the journal list as well as confirmation of the mailing address. This change can only be made through our back office. 

2. Your mailing address may not be detailed enough or may be getting lost in your institution. To ensure the delivery of the journal, you may consider changing the address to a home address rather than an institution.

For both cases, contact me to make changes to your record.  Forward your old and new mailing address. If you would like to keep the same address, please be as detailed as possible. Please note: re-delivery of journals takes 6-8weeks.

Priscilla Lugo info@oarsi.org

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